October 20, 2021

How to Get Chocolate Out of Clothes

Baby Making a Mess with Chocolate

Fluffy chocolate cake. Gooey chocolate chip cookies. Fun sized candy bars. Okay, now we’re getting hungry. Really, though, is there anything better than chocolate for those sweet cravings? But, even for the neatest and most careful eaters out there, we’ve all looked down at our shirt (sweater, pants, etc.) and seen the dreaded chocolate drips, smears or stains that often come with enjoying our favorite confection.


You should probably just give up eating chocolate, right? Kidding! With the right materials, and some simple tips, you can learn how to get chocolate out of clothes and enjoy all the chocolate you want. Okay, maybe not all you want, but it never hurts to dream.  


Here’s our can’t miss, easy-to-follow, 5-step chocolate stain removal plan that will teach you how to get chocolate out of clothes in no time.


1. Remove Excess


Using a butter knife, or an old toothbrush, gently brush or scrape away any excess chocolate on your garment. Be careful, though, as you want to avoid simply working the stain more deeply into the fabric.


Pro Tip: For liquid or syrupy chocolate stains that have puddled or spread, pop your garment into the freezer for a half hour to let the stain harden, then scrape.


2. Rinse with Cold Water


Rinse the soiled section with cold water, either from a pitcher or right under the tap. This will help loosen the cholate particles out of your clothing’s fibers and get the area ready for pre-treatment.


3. Pre-Treat


To pre-treat that chocolate stain for lift off, apply a few drops of your favorite plant-based laundry detergent right to the soiled area. Gently work the detergent into the stain with a soft bristled brush, or by carefully rubbing the fabric together. For extra cleaning power, or for extra messy messes, reach for an enzyme-powered stain remover that’s formulated to help lift tough stains.


(Optional): Soak in Cold Water


For tougher, deeper set stains, add in a 20-30 minute cold water soak to further loosen that pesky chocolate stain.


4. Wash


Check the tag to ensure your garment is machine washable, then wash on normal cycle with your regular detergent. Feel free to put the soiled garment in with a regular load of like colors, though it’s understandable if you prefer to wash stained clothing on its own, especially for tougher messes.


5. Inspect, Then Dry


When the wash cycle is complete, inspect the stained area. If the chocolate stain is still hanging around, resist the urge to throw the garment right in the dryer where the heat can further set the stain. Instead, pre-treat and wash again as needed. When the stain is completely gone, machine dry, or even better, air dry if possible.


That’s it! Adios chocolate stains. Now, get out there and bake that cake, unwrap that truffle, and bite into that cookie knowing that when it comes to chocolate stains, you’ve got the upper hand.

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