December 14, 2020

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Little kid playing with big dog lying on hardwood floor

Looking to keep your hardwood floors clean, while also preserving their luster and shine? With regular up-keep, and a USDA Certified Biobased Product 99% Floor Cleaner designed to clean and degrease, you’ll have an effective routine and sparkly wood floors in no time. Let’s get to it!

The good news is that once you know a few tips and tricks, learning how to clean hardwood floors is easy. In the end, it all comes down to the golden rule: Love your hardwood floors and they’ll love you back.

Everyday Care:

Here’s our go-to method for regular hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance that will keep your floors looking great while helping reduce the build-up of dust, hair, dirt and the endless debris that hardwood floor owners know all too well.

  1. Sweep: Start by sweeping your hardwood floors with a soft-bristle broom that will do the job without scratching up the finish. A great trick is to use a broom with an angled head that can easily reach into tight nooks and crannies where all that loose dirt and dust love to hang out.
  2. Vacuum: Vacuuming right after you sweep may feel like an extra step, but trust us that it helps pick up any extra debris left behind after you sweep. If possible, use a vacuum nozzle with a soft head that won’t scratch or damage your wood’s finish.
  3. Spot-Clean: Using a moist towel, gently wipe away any sticky spots that are visible. Avoid using a hard-bristle brush or anything abrasive.
  4. Spritz: Choose a floor cleaner that’s designed for wood floors, or a multi-purpose Floor Cleaner that works on a variety of surfaces, including wood. Apply the cleaner directly to your floor, being careful not to over-apply. A misting spray bottle works great for this. Then, moving with the grain, clean by hand with a utility cloth (or cloth diaper), or using a flat-head mop or microfiber pad.
  5. Wait: This is the hard part, especially if you have children or pets, but waiting for your hardwood floors to dry thoroughly before walking on them will help you avoid footprints (or pawprints). Take a break and put your feet up while you wait—you deserve it!
Dos and Don’ts:

Here’s a few bonus tips for long term maintenance and care.

  • Choose products carefully. Try to use only products that are designed for hardwood floors. In general, avoid abrasive cleaners, or even baking soda or heavy vinegar solutions, that can scratch or damage your floor. Always test the product in an inconspicuous spot first to ensure compatibility with surface.
  • Watch out for moisture. Be careful not to oversoak your wood if you wet mop. Over time, the extra moisture can make its way between the boards and loosen, or even rot, the wood.
  • Never steam clean. Steam cleaning can damage your finish, and even the wood itself.

And…that’s how to clean hardwood floors. We told you it was easy! We hope these tips help you build a cleaning routine that both works for your lifestyle and helps sustain the life of your hardwood floors for years to come.