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Seventh Generation: Letter to a New Mom

Author: Seventh Generation
We've figured out how to protect our kids from germs, from overexposure to the sun, even from the bully in day care. But how do we protect their health and their future when current laws makes it virtually impossible for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take action against dangerous chemicals? What can parents do to protect their children from harmful chemicals? Read labels, question ingredients, and join us. Support the Campaign for a Toxin Free Generation by signing the petition at

Patrisia picture
Protect our babies, protect our wombs, protect the earth.
JenniferP77 picture
Sometimes I feel we are lead to believe that certain diseases are inevitable like cancer and Alzheimer's and things like autism just happen to some kids. We raise funds to find so called cures that come in the form of even more toxic drugs, and new procedures that are painful and barbaric. I believe that if we focused more money and effort on finding causes, i.e. Linking them to toxins in our everyday food, water, cleaning supplies, air we breath etc. and truly giving our government power to eliminate them we could honestly find a "cure" for so many things.
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Carolyn Ross
Stop the distribution of these dangerous chemicals. It is worth our the poisoning of the population.
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Sandi Hornsby- White
I am a Grandmother, now. I began protesting pollution in the environment in the 60's, after reading Silent Spring. Currently, the Institutes of Health and the President's Cancer Panel 2010 announced that millions of more American infants and children are going to get Cancer....Brain stem and Leukemia are the Number One Killer of Children. The increase of environmental pollution is at the root. Mother's placenta's are loaded with chemicals from "safe drinking" water. Pollution accumulates in the cells, finally a toxic internal environment gives birth to Cancerous Cells. Infants in the womb do not have a developed immune system. Children's weakended immune systems are further weakened from the constant daily bombardment of pollutants.