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Seventh Generation Honored as "Leader of Change"

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is humbled to be named a 2011 Leader for Change by the United Nations and the Foundation for Social Change. The award was accepted by our CEO, John Replogle, at a special presentation at the U.N. Global Conference for Social Change in New York City.

"Seventh Generation has received an incredible number of honors in our 23-year history, but I'm not sure that we've ever received one as meaningful as this," said John. "It's a tremendous acknowledgement of the progress we've been making to pursue our company's purpose to have an impact beyond profit."

How do you lead change in your house, community, world? Tell us, and earn a few more points in our Rewards program (you must be registered and logged in to earn points).

Comments picture
I shop at my local consumer's co-op and buy organic, plus I shop at my local farmer's market and I often purchase locally produced and grown products.
marleeisom picture
newly married and just found out we will be welcoming a baby next year! as a family we are trying to save on cost, but not sacrifice our health or the health of our planet. 7th generation products help us achieve that goal. both my husband and i make constant efforts to reduce on fuel usage and buy products that save energy and are better for our earth and our family.
melissadschmitz picture
We have a garden, and we compost. We also use re-usable items such as re-usable containers for food and cloth napkins. I have actually not purchased paper towels in over two years because I use cloth napkins for mealtime and old rags for cleaning.
molly3 picture
We recycle, shop local, and buy green products.
pacificnwmassage picture
We actually recycle everything we can. Wish we could recycle more. Our recycling bin is actually twice the size of our garbage can.
molly3 picture
I Buy Seventh Generation Products!, and I also shop at my local Farmers Market.
mommymoose picture
We recycle everything, use reusable shopping bags, and are planning on composting.
atlmom5 picture
I have 5 kids and they love recycling. We also garden and since we love to recycle....we obviously compost. Composting has become a great science project for myself and the husband thought it was silly to compost,but now he sees how much it helps in the garden.
AnnieEburg picture
We became a one car home, we buy recycled but also recycle. We work to preserve our planet.
Jennifferm picture
Recycle everything!
Jennifferm picture
Recycle everything!
NicoletteMarie picture
I have always been a die hard recycler!! I'm moving into my boyfriends house in January and I have already purchased recycling bins for him :0) Even my parents and younger sister give me recylables, bc they know I will get them done!!
jaglo02 picture
We recycle everything we possibly can even if it's a peice of paper. We use procuts that reuse plastic for their bottles. I make my own house cleaning sprays with very few ingredients in order to reduce toxins in my home. We certainly watch our water output in everything we do.
101cakes picture
We do not use plastic storage bags.
westcorrie picture
Reusing old items for different tasks, old clothes make great dish rags, using grocery bags as doggy waste bags, using newspaper for gardening, making our own cleaning liquids with readily available cooking items you have in your house. Unfortunately where we live there is not a lot of recycling options, but we were able to start a recycling project at work!
wagwa2001l picture
We recycle, garden, compost, live downtown, walk instead of drive and I tell everyone how easy it is to do... have actually convinced a few people to start composting!
whitgood16 picture
We recycle everything we can and we have recently started a garden in our backyard.
Omiloupu picture
I always turn the lights off everywhere when it's not needed. My friends and family get annoyed when I yell at them but they have been saving money on their electric bill.
hongrebson picture
We are creatures of habit. Most, if not all, habits can be changed... the bad ones for the better ones. Many habits are the result of our laziness. 'fess up to your bad habits, get off your butt, walk the talk of actually helping the planet through your choices and actions. Now THAT's the model to set for all of us.
storm914 picture
I think my friends and family get tired of me constantly telling them to recycle, to "not buy that cuz it's not from an environmentally-conscious company", to reuse, to reduce, to turn off the lights, to not buy so many wasteful stuff, to not buy things that cannot be easily recycled, etc. I think just reminding people every chance you get is a good way to ignite change in helping the environment become better and healthier. And most importantly, to get a good example yourself by doing the above-mentioned things.
momoftwins1983 picture
I recycle everything possible. I usually fill our city-provided container way before the pickup which is only once every two weeks :-(
ameliabarouxis picture
I love all things about 7th Generation!! My husband and I are about 90-95% organic in our household and recycle in every direction that we can from building supplies to hand made cards that I make from other cards and magazines, to our clothing, and we try to bulk shop as much as possible to reuse the same containers etc... It's all about being conscience and passing it on....
ryessian picture
I am in the process of changing all my cleaning products to seventh gen products. Everything not seventh gen or toxic is going out! I am recycling all of our plastics as well. I am also educating my parents, brother, and sisters to do the same in their households. I'm sure that 6 households in my family making these changes can make difference :)
a.gilreath.b picture
I try to be a conscious consumer and to focus on the things I need rather than everything I want.
emkotroba picture
I have always recycled, but I am taking the time now to research and use greener products now that we have a newborn. I plan I teaching him to take care of our resources and use products that are more organic in nature.
kvieweg07 picture
I am always nagging my bf to recycle!!
elementalcleaning picture
As a family we work together to be aware of our imprint on earth in many ways.
1cleango picture
Recycle and use 7th Generation.
meganbroyles picture
-buying from the farmer's market because they use less packaging (among other reasons) -not using paper towels, plates or napkins -choosing not to use plastic flatware or glasses -reusing newspapers in the garden or for household tasks -washing clothes in cold water only -hang drying things to lessen the dryer load -putting all food scraps in the garden/compost -opening windows instead of using a/c -walking to the grocery store (I live close, so it's easy) -remembering to use your resuable totes instead of just getting plastic bags at the store -use magazine/newspaper pages as gift wrap. you've already paid for it, use it.
yhayes1 picture
We stopped buying napkins and paper towels and instead use cloth towels and napkins.
paflicek picture
Reduce, reuse and recycle has been a mantra for several years now, but before environmental awareness was in vogue, my paternal grandmother lived this mantra as a way to survive within the Great Depression. My mother came from a Filipino village that resembled third world conditions, so she was also steeped in using everything to the greatest extent possible. For her, it's not so much about doing the right thing as saving her money. My family however, focuses on the damage that a wasteful consumer economy has on the environment, so have tried to recycle all the materials our local programs accept (1&2 plastic, glass, metal, paper, electronics and motor/vegetable oil). Using the examples of Mom and Grandma, we compost, recycle torn clothing as rags, reuse gray water, and generally keep our ears open for ways to reduce our footprint in the use of resources.
s2eoconn picture
Plastic water bottles are a huge problem in the school where I teach. I have worked hard for the past few years to make it easy for my students to recycle those bottles instead of throwing them out. We have done well as a school! So well, that it has been challenging to just keep up with all those bottles!
blossomr picture
our family tries to conserve and reuse anywhere we can...alternatives to plastic snack bags, turning off lights and unplugging things not in use, turning off the water while brushing teeth or washing dishes, etc
tinydancer223 picture
We try to follow the above three rules everyday. We've planted our own garden & have taken advantage of our city's free rain barrel program. We recycle & are in the beginning stages of composting. Living in the city it's easier to walk, bike or take advantage of public transit.
toremos picture
I try to lead by example in my reduce/reuse/recycle campaign. My girls are taking part in learning while helping me to separate the recyclables. Actually they were an active part from birth, I used cloth diapers and cloth wipes to cut down on the diapers and wipes going into the landfills. I use 7th Generation laundry detergent and hand soaps. As for paper towels, I use cloth, the same for napkins. We compost all of our peels and g/rinds and eggshells, our garden is beautiful because of it!
michelelum76 picture
I drink filtered water from the tap 99% of the time and I use 7th generation dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, fabric sheets, diapers, wipes, multisurface cleaner, dishwasher detergent and tampons.
mel74pel picture
My 6-year-old grandson was diagnosed with leukemia in May. We were warned of harmful chemical products we use everyday in our home. We were told of 7th Generation and their all natural products, free of perfume and dye. We also recycle plastic, glass, paper, and cardboard. Thank you for making several great products! We hope our grandson and our family will live good, produceful lives.
sabobo picture
I have five small children and we make the effort to recycle everything we can and started a compost pile and soon to be garden.
Legosoup picture
We recycle everything that we are able to recycle. We buy fair trade and green products. Not to mention we ride our bikes to work and school. We use energy saving light bulbs.
gr8shoes picture
it's so funny 15-20 years ago when I would bring my own bags to the grocery store-even the food co-op the clerks would like @ me like I had three heads. I always have a reusable water bottle & travel mug, use cloth napkins only,I commute via bicycle. The list goes on, it's really easy to do I don't understand why so many people make such a big deal out of it. I currently share a house with two other people and our recycle bin is always full while our "garbage" is about 1/4 full.
naturenbutterfly picture
I feel it started with my grandma recycling all sorts of things. I have come to do the same thing but to a larger extent. I believe because our generations have so much more wasted. Just seeing the possibilities in items, talking about it and showing what you can do. My boys have their own creative ways of reducing waste by avoiding as much plastic as possible, reusing assorted product containers, avoiding using their vehicles. I love it!
LivLex21 picture
We recycle ALOT!! Two bins a week. We only eat organic. And I take a cold lunch to work everyday and instead of using plasitc bags I use cloth bags and I have convinced my friends to do the same. And we only wash our laundry in cold water.
Debra Nelson picture
Debra Nelson
My family first reduces by using less products, eating all of our leftovers, using the last little bit of everything. We don't buy anything unless we truly need it, not just want it. We reuse by finding new life for everyday items. Milk bottles become bird feeders. Jelly jars are used to store nuts, candy, etc. My 12 year old's clothes are put away for the 8 year old. We hold an annual garage sale with my friends and family. Lastly, we recycle. Everything.
danbball32 picture
I've been making small changes and introducing green products to my family. We recycle what we can, use cloth diapers, and use green cleaning supplies.
kpsnelson picture
I am more eco friendly because I have recently decided to use cloth diapers at home and seventh generation when we are on the go!
prinzesschen337 picture
I try to be more Eco-friendly by recycling, not using plastic bags, gardening, and buying environmentally friendly products, any little change is good.
rachelmeeks picture
In my family, my husband and I try to do our part in different ways. We definitely recycle, as well as changing our lifestyles. Such ways are by becoming vegan, not using plastic bags, buying organic, and being energy efficient (light bulbs, etc.). I know it is small, but if we all take one small step at a time, then we can definitely make a difference.
GoldnApL picture
Glad you share informative videos. Trying to be greener every day.
cheriekuebler picture
Learn, Teach friends and co- workers..The world needs to have more sites such as this, so the can learn on what we are saving when we recycle. It;s a shame that some people just don't care, But the more people understand why it is important hopefully they will understand and watch what the buy. I know we recycle every chance we get and watch what we buy.
eribaca1 picture
We recycle everything that can possibly be recycled. We no longer purchase styrofoam, and I encourage my family to recycle or to give me their water bottles so that I can recycle for them.
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