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Win a Sustainable Nursery from Kalon Studios and Seventh Generation!

Author: Seventh Generation

Would you like to furnish your baby's new nursery with sustainable furniture from Kalon Studios and stock up with a year's supply of Free&Clear Diapers, Wipes and Laundry Detergent?

We're truly delighted to offer the opportunity to our readers, especially since Kalon Studios is easily one of the most innovative design companies in the world. The nursery chosen for this special sweepstakes features 100% domestic maple, and like all Kalon Studios furniture, is designed to last and grow with your child.

We had a chance to talk with designer/owners Michaele Simmering and her husband, Johann Pauwen, about Kalon (pronounced like "talon" with a k) Studios. What we found was a company as committed to sustainability as we are.

Michaele says Kalon Studios was created in 2007 when she was pregnant with her first daughter, "After years of working freelance for others, we decided that we'd like to try working together so we could both be a part of life at home with our child." She points out that every piece they designed came from a need in their own lives, "We asked, 'Is this something we'd want for ourselves?'"

She says, "We think intensely before we buy anything, considering the lifespan of the piece in our own home, the materials, where they came from, etc. No matter how much language we put out there, I don't think we scratch the surface of how truly considered our products are from the ground up. We source everything as close to home as we can, as sustainably as we can and as high quality as we can. We use raw materials that are renewable, biodegradable, and non-toxic. We even finish our woods with an oil we developed that is non-toxic and food safe. And we truly believe in using local manufacturing to help revitalize and sustain craftsmanship in the states."

Johann and Michaele see sustainability as more just the materials and processes they use. As Johann explains, "Furniture is often a thoughtless purchase to fill an immediate need, so cheap you don't need to think about it. Sustainability comes through managing and caring for a piece of furniture rather than trashing a poorly made, 'quick-fix'. Buy something you love, need and will care for as a result."

If you're the fortunate person to win our Sustainable Nursery, you'll have the chance to own, care for and enjoy a suite of Kalon Studios nursery furniture for yourself. Enter now.


shawn wedlund picture
shawn wedlund
I would love to win a nursery for my daughter Shelby ,she is 10 wks and she is a miracle and her pregnacy to. 5 yes ago Shelby was told she had 3 months to 1 yr to live ,we found out she had brain cancer ,2 days later had brain surgery ,we had no time to freeze her eggs,she was told that all the treatment she had Togo through she probley wouldn't get pregnant, its been 5yrs and Shelby is doing great a d now pregnant so I hope she can win a nursery
Felicity Owen picture
Felicity Owen
Please give me the opportunity of making my first childs room completly special. I'm a single mum to be and have been dreaming of a perfect nursery for my special baby, which I could never afford , you would make a mum to be very happy .
Alyssa  picture
Would love to win this for my second baby due in October! Thanks for the opportunity!
Andrea Nicassio picture
Andrea Nicassio
Love this nursery and would be perfect for our second
Amber Long picture
Amber Long
I just found out that I'm due Dec 29th, 2 days shy of my first child's 5th birthday. I love that these products are crafted without the harsh chemicals and also have Long lasting Craftmanship. With this baby I'm going to try to be and use as many natural resources as I can, and this set of prizes would fit in perfect with my goals!!!
Annette Herbst picture
Annette Herbst
Thank you for the chance
Amanda Moriarty  picture
Amanda Moriarty
Such a beautiful set! It would be so amazing!
AmandaLeeMelby picture
This would be a wonderful gift! It is so important to be an environmentalist and to teach your children the same!
BrittanyBirt picture
I absolutely love this Nursery
BecKynZ picture
What beautiful, clean designs. AND it's good for the environment!
Bethany Presten picture
Bethany Presten
I am so impressed with this nursery and all the effort and thought that goes into each piece. We have recently moved back to the States and had to leave everything behind. We have a daughter that is 1 and another on the way. I currently need 2 cribs and much much more. These pieces would be in really good hands! I love everything organic and sustainable... We just can always afford them. Thanks for opening this opportunity!
Brigitte Olligschlager picture
Brigitte Olligschlager
super excited! It is beautiful!!!
jennie  picture
I tried to sign up for the contest but it gives an error message that says I must pin something to P interest (even though the instructions say that is not necessary).
Tina  picture
I am expecting two more grandchildren by December and would love to help one out with this. The one due November 22 really needs more help than the one due December 15-17th.
Deborah  picture
I would love to win this for my daughter. She is expecting her second child. First child was thru invetro 6 years ago. Then suffer an atopic pregnancy and later a miscarriage. We are so excited for her. This would be such a Blessing to her .
Rachael  picture
Oh what a beautiful nursery! This sounds so silly but I never even thought about sustainable furniture! We cloth diapered and loved it, and an excited about this beautiful nursery set!
Anina picture
Sounds like a great company, great quality furniture!
Sulli picture
First of all the furniture is beautiful!!! And I've been very curious about the Free & Clear product! My daughter has been trying........ We will know in 10 days!!!
Dawn Santucci picture
Dawn Santucci
I would love this for my baby boy!
Ferna picture
My first grand baby will love this!
Sheryl Mangrum picture
Sheryl Mangrum
LaurenParker picture
Such beautiful furniture.
EJ Frost picture
EJ Frost
While I don't have children, this would be fantastic for the nursery children at my church. I love Free&Clear already, and use it without hesitation.
Carrie anne  picture
Carrie anne
Expecting a very unexpected bean this January!
Nikolle  picture
Happy earth day!
jessica Bradley picture
jessica Bradley
I love this sustainable nursery!! My husband and I are having our 1st child early September. We are having trouble finding all the right things, done so much research on cloth diapers, glass bottles, reusable food containers I just haven't had much time yet for clothes and furniture!!! This would truly safe us stress! I love seventh generation!!
Dawn  picture
I absolutely love your products! They are fresh and smell so clean :0) I would love to win this beautifully nursery for my next child.
C.A. picture
I would like to win this for my niece who is expecting a girl in July.
mandorakat picture
Single and about to have twins! Could definitely use this
Anastasia Kornilova picture
Anastasia Kornilova
My partner and I are fanatical about organic living, and we have a baby on the way in October! I'm not too keen on buying a crib from Target or any such place because of the formaldehyde/other chemicals used in the production of big box store furniture. This is a dream giveaway for us! Thank you so much!
Alyssa  picture
I can't wait to see what lucky family wins this one!
Paige E picture
Paige E
What a beautiful concept Kalon has created. I love every aspect of this and look forward to having another ecobaby in the next year. This would be a true dream come true for us.
Amanda Berry picture
Amanda Berry
This nursery is beautiful!!!
Daria Schumann picture
Daria Schumann
Having learned that we're expecting has sent me on a mission to scour the inter webs for the safest, healthiest, most sustainable products for our little one. It's incredible and terrifying how many innovative and highly marketed products end up posing great risks; new materials are often toxic and untested. The furniture design and production by Kalon Studio is terrific; combining modern esthetic with a classic, trusted approach. May the baber & mom that need it most win! Kudos on this special contest :) xox
Juli Samiec picture
Juli Samiec
As a Holistic Health Coach, I love that this nursery is sustainable and non-toxic as well as stunning. Baby and parents...stylish and healthy:)
Sara Botts picture
Sara Botts
Would love to win this beautiful nursery for my little guy on the way!
Daphne Turner picture
Daphne Turner
I tried to enter the contest just using my e-mail address as I am not on Pinterest but it seems to only take Pinterest entries. Also, the Official Rules state that the prize drawing will take place on either April 20 or 21st (both are already past), although on one line of the rules it states the sweeps goes until early May.
Jeaniet picture
What a great idea!
susan from Pittsburgh   picture
susan from Pittsburgh
as a first time grandma to be. I am very concerned about the toxins that are around us everyday. From the foods we eat, to the furniture we live in, thanks to Kalon Studios for making the babies room more safe!
Mary  picture
Beautiful and thoughtful design!
dddiana picture
Heather Soucy picture
Heather Soucy
If and when I can ever get pregnant, this would be my ideal nursery....
Stephanie Gunn picture
Stephanie Gunn
Baby Gunn (we don't know if we have a boy or a girl!) arrives in a week!! Would love to have an Earth Day baby!! My husband is in solar and I have my graduate degree in environmental education, we have spread the green word and love with every step of our pregnancy. We love educating ppl about how much their impact makes and how much hey can help by researching their purchases and buying wisely. We sure hope we win this gorgeous nursery!! We haven't bought a crib or nursery set yet because I'm still researching the most sustainable options. Everything we have purchased is green. Cloth diapers, non toxic bassinet, washable organic wipes and organic linens. Thank you for all your green hard work and education! We love having these products available at our local stores! :):)
Sharon L picture
Sharon L
Looks great!
Lyla1921 picture
I LOVE this company! Finally some realistic furniture for the newest family members that is also great for the planet! It is wonderful! Lovely pieces!
Stacy  picture
Wow, what an opportunity to literally start clean. I am having my fourth child. I used your diapers on both of my children. the first was out of opinion, and second child was allergic to everything ( born near christmas red and cute as rudolph at birth, she had/has severe eczema) . My whole world kind of changed, I was already earth conscious, but as a mom around this time I feel gifted to know what is truly safest for my Family, and I love and trust 7gen. I was lucky enough to hold a host party once for you.i would love love love to win this!! And I have to mention I could really use this as I gifted all of my stuff third time around, and am working ( local honest market) and home schooling and just loving life. thanks for the chance :)
Andrea Sellers picture
Andrea Sellers
Would be great for my expecting daughter.
Janet Menary picture
Janet Menary
The nursery furniture is beautiful!!
Victoria Van Every picture
Victoria Van Every
What a beautiful set! It would be nice to bring my baby into an eco-friendly environment. Gotta start early!
denise perkins picture
denise perkins
beautiful and I love your products!
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