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A Whole Night's Sleep Without a Peep!

Author: Seventh Generation

Help us celebrate the launch of our NEW super-absorbent Free & Clear Overnight Diapers and our partnership with Dr. Seuss' The Lorax movie.

Tell us, in the style of Dr. Seuss, what a peaceful night would be like for you. We'll pick 50 randomly selected submissions to receive a free pack of Overnights in size 4, 5, or 6 (you choose the size, of course)!

Just remember to submit your "Seuss-style" poem in the comments section below no later than 2/10/2012.

The movie Dr. Seuss' The Lorax © 2012 Universal Studios. Based on The Lorax book and characters ™ & © 1971 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.  All Rights Reserved.


sioux08 picture
When will you be announcing the winners?
lyndianderson picture
The only one I'm really scared of is that very leaky diapey, the cause of Mason's usual morning gripey. And it makes me sort of nervous when the toot scoots down the chute. And that major smelly down-wards of his belly... I don't like it. Not at all. But packages of Seventh Generation Free & Clear Overnights on the dresser- They're great fun to have around. They tend to turn that gripey into a happy-morning diapey! They're rather nice ...I think.
glaur2005 picture
I am the mother, I speak for the zzzzzz's I speak for the zzzzz's for the z's have no tongue And I'm asking you at the top of my lungs- that sleep! That horrible lack of sleep! What's that thing you've made out of my restful night?
knoblitt picture
Big A, little a, what begins with A? awesome ABSENT accidents, a-a-a. Big B, little b, what begins with B? Both my Boys with a dry Boot-y.
Katie Sewalson picture
Katie Sewalson
Milk has been drank, books have been read, Now it is time to go off to bed. Goodnight stars, goodnight moon, It's dream time in my peaceful room. Mommy and Daddy do some chores, Then it's their turn for lots of snores. They really, really like their sleep, It helps them, all day, keep up with me! I sleep much better, when I am dry, The diapers would help, this is why! Overnight diapers, without any bleach, Would help us all, our dreams reach!
drainl picture
A whole night sleep without a peep? It's been over a year since I've had that my dear. With a big boy who wakes or his twin sisters who don't sleep Mama never needs to count sheep!
arectortn picture
A full night's sleep? Oh, what a treat! I think maybe I will have one happy baby if she sleeps through the night and doesn't wake up with a fright A dry diaper is the key to a well rested mommy. We'll be happy as can be if there is no leaking pee. Oh, Seventh Generation is it just my imagination that your diaper will stay dry? my, oh my, oh my!
chrissiebear picture
A whole nights sleep, Without a peep? What would I give, If we could live, I a house, As quiet as a mouse. We cry, We scream, We pout, We dream…. Finally. The little one avoids, And makes as much noise, As a train, What a pain! If we could sleep, Without a peep, Until 6 in the morn, I just might toot a horn!
Thankyoutoo picture
Who who needs to sleepy poo You do You do Who who needs to sleep the night through You do You do
vicsexton picture
Goodnight my boy, now go to sleep Go right to bed and don’t make a peep If you would sleep though the night without a leak I would be so happy I would weep
lcbusse picture
Sleep! Sleep! Oh how I have missed you. My little one thinks much of waking at 2! Where have you gone, my precious dreams. Into the past so it seems. Mommy and daddy try to look bright-eyed and bushy tailed But there is no way around the fact they have failed We wait patiently for you to learn to sleep So that we might go a night without a peep.
jschultz picture
Sleep! Sleep, I do All night long not even a baby's coo Sleep, dream; Dream, sleep I love it so when there is not even a peep After all night now I wake ready for the breakfast fight
Guezzie picture
Oh the wonderful night this dipe can make for you Don’t you want to try them too? This thirsty garb sucks lots of potty So you can chill with your spouse, the hottie These green diapers lack chemical ickies Give a peaceful mind that they won’t cause sickies Rest easy knowing they’re better for Earth As they wrap the cute tush to which you gave birth!
karenknispel picture
If my little one would sleep through the night, Until the morning sun is bright Then perhaps I could find the time To write a longer Seuss-like rhyme! But alas it's like a fairy tale to get through a night without one wail!
jrharry picture
The time has come to turn off the light As we tuck ourselves in for a wonderful night We've had lots of fun It's been a long day We giggled and ran errands And friends came to play We drank all our milk and shared delicious food Our tummies are full Everyone's in a good mood We put on our jammies our teeth are brushed We snuggle together and the house is hushed We read one last story give kisses galore After some sleep we'll be ready for more We settle in to our comfy bed and finally rest our weary head As the room becomes dark we hear not a peep Our beautiful baby drifts off to sleep She'll dream pleasant dreams and get some great rest She'll stay dry and happy all night She is the best!
k80lluv picture
A whole night of sleep would be so grand but rest and a wet diaper do not go hand in hand So sleep we must in a soggy state until one baby does retaliate a diaper dry all night long I would sing a happy song! Let's sleep through till day so all parents can say, All night dry is great so baby wakes in a happy state!
JJhon picture
PeePee, water, juice and Poo All are needed, right now, too It's bedtime but my son says no It's time to play, he's good to go No matter that its 3 am It's time to Play, let's play again! A peaceful night would minus these and mommy would get on her knees and thank God for a night of rest surrounded by those I love best
Jodytheos picture
The baby girl was asleep and tucked in real tight Her parents were settled in for a long night No sounds were made in quite a long while  So mom and dad woke up with a smile Seventh generation are the best diapers in town For a night with no mess neither yellow or brown!
blgrover picture
It's been five years since I've slept through the night Now this third baby is giving a good fight. Just let mommy sleep 8 hours is all Just let mommy sleep Without a call I love you all day And all night too Just let mommy sleep Without a boo
blueblue16 picture
Sleep my little one, I promise I'll be much more fun, if the whole night you sleep through, I'll be so happy to play with you, all day long for hours on end, Seventh Generation overnight diapers- our new best friend!
michaelandrachel picture
My wife with heavy sad sounding sighs, And deep dark purple circles, under her eyes,  Said: “Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, Nothing here is gonna get better. It’s not.” Our two toddlers and infant frolicked and played, And left us in silence, stunned and amazed. The amount of energy they expelled was astounding. And the shrieks and loud yelling, left our poor temples pounding. The clock, reading PM, reached those dreaded double digits. And my wife had just told me that she’d reached her limits. Yes, my dearest just gave me a glance. She gave me a very sad, sad backward glance. And off she shuffled alone to our bed. Leaving me to get all three kids diapered and bed. With their bums all snug they slipped into their jammies,  I then tucked the eldest of the family away And the second one followed, and to much astonishment in bed he stayed! The youngest fell asleep as I watched T.V. As he lay on my chest, his breathing in sync with me. So I turned off the tube, in the fast darkening house And followed my wife. And all that was left in the house was one word: SILENCE at long last was the sound in my head.   Then I shuffled right off to our warm cozy bed.
jsapalio picture
A whole night's sleep without a peep I would spend it counting sheep. I'd sleep so long, I'd dream so much I may not wake in time for lunch!
jpmom2005 picture
I need the sleep But cry I hear So I have to peep to console my little dear. Diaper sooo wet Leaked everywhere I bet Bed soaking, too Oh, what a boo-hoo! Have a change to make Find a diaper that won't leak So some night I won't have to wake And no need to peek For the little one will not peep Hurray for a whole night of sleep!
Kitten007 picture
Not a baby was crying Not even her brothers….. It was so quiet you couldn’t hear a mouse What am I doing this can’t be my house?! I awake from my daydream to find out what’s all the racket My two boys decide to hit ice cream With my new tennis racket I get all the kids cleaned up and sound asleep in their beds After the ice cream fell right on my head I then scrub and I scrub till everything shines I still can’t believe those little devils are mine It’s finally quiet and I head off to bed I can’t wait till tomorrow to see what might fall on my head
helenlam picture
In the crib you sleep Hopefully without a peep But on occasion you will keep And go straight back to sleep When you wake up in the morn Reading, playing with the horn I know it's due to just one thing Dry you stay, oh how we sing!
picasas picture
The baby is quiet, and thus so are you, You take a step back and then you go "phew!" You wipe your brow and so does your hubby, And one of you whispers, "my, isn't she lovely!" You stand and stare for a minute or two, But you can't stay--you have things to do. There's the laundry, the kitchen, and the playroom as well, And off to your own bed before midnight bell. The life of a parent is never a bore, When you're done with one thing, there's always more. But when you're tired and weak and at your wit's end, Just go to the crib and watch her again.
gheath2 picture
My eyes are gettying droopy with yet another poopy! With waking not one, not two times a night, I gather all my might to turn on the light. Thrice the cries wake me "Please change my diapy!" If only there was a solution for the nighttime regrouping Alas, it is near... Seventh Generation is here!
jessie102279 picture
At 3a.m., a wimper, a shout! What is all the noise about? Off I go on a familiar route. Is that potty in the bed? Is that potty on your head? The potty should be in the diaper instead! My eyes are feeling awfully buggy For your Huggies are feeling ever so muggy. Momma is not a happy camper For your Pampers have never ever been damper. I will not take it anymore! These diapers must go out the door! Off I march to the grocery store To find a more absorbent core! There is no potty in the bed. There is no potty on your head. The potty’s in the diaper instead! Someone finally got it right! At 3 a.m. all are tucked in tight! Thank you for this peaceful night. J
annyj18 picture
Oh dear, oh me, oh what a fright Our laundry room this morning is quite the sight One load, two loads, three now more The sheets are strewn across the floor Up the stairs things do not get much better Laundry baskets full of pjs that couldn't be wetter Leaking, wet diapers are filling up that bin Here comes mother not wearing a grin Is there no diaper around today That can keep our wet at bay Is there no way to greet the morning sun while still dry A chance to kiss the houses sleep broken nights goodbye We have heard of a place far far away Diapers that work the entire night they say Tired worked out mothers are the inspiration A wonder from a company known as seventh generation If only if only it was a place we could go We would stock up so our diapers did not hang so low And have you not heard what rumors are saying Chemical free and safe so our cheeks are not chaffing Oh we must tell mother we shall we need to She would not say no to a whole nights sleep for you No more hassel with putting a diaper on without a light This is finally an idea she will think is right We can stop with the trying those revamped and restamped For we know that they are just going to leave us damp Out with the cloth, out with the hyped up and out with the failed trials Finally onto something right that will give our mom smiles
Amy kinnear picture
Amy kinnear
All day long we try to swaddle in cloth, But at night alas, Baby's wet to his socks, An overnight diaper, A solution at last, So Mother and Father can sleep till eight past, Peace came at such a low low price, To our pockets and our forests, No more rolling the dice!
Jodytheos picture
The baby girl was asleep and tucked in real tight Her parents were settled in for long night No sounds were made in quite a long while  So mom and dad woke up with a smile Seventh generation are the best diapers in town For a night with no mess neither yellow or brown!
Pinkchickadee picture
Go to sleep baby girl, go to sleep! go to sleep! Don't make a sound baby girl not a peep! Not a peep! Mommy's so tired she's about to weep! Please baby girl, go to sleep, go to sleep. Go to sleep baby girl, Get some rest, it's the best! Sleep baby girl, like a bird in a nest Tomorrow's a new day, I do say you can play, But for now could you please hit the hay? You've had kisses and hug, You sweet cuddlebug, Now sleep sweet and sleep tight Like a bug in a rug. Mommy might clean, she might sew, she might sweep, If her sweet precious girl would just go to sleep.
evoolek picture
Lorax, Borax Time to sleep. Till tomorrax, not a peep.
liz217304 picture
For Mommy there is no sleep; our toddler does weep and weep, when in the middle of the night, he wakes up with a fright. Up the stairs and turn on the light, Mommy sees a wet toddler and a wet bed. Down the stairs we are lead, "I went TEETEE!" is all he said. After changing his diaper again, he's falling asleep (AMEN!) Since his bed is not clean, and in my sheets he is between, There he stays to sleep the night, and finally everything is alright.
Vontito picture
A night of sleep for this mama? I'd never ask for anything more. I'd scrub the floors I'd dust and mop I'd even eat at IHOP.
kerrym16 picture
What a wonderful night when we hear not a sound A sleeping babe is all we want round A clean dry diaper is the key to sleeptime bliss When mom and dad want a wink not to miss So send through those diapers, I'll try anything I can To get a good night's sleep again!
kalenhoag picture
Sleepy girl, sleepy girl, it's time for bed, It's time to lay down your sweet little head. Teeth are brushed, they are shiny white, And now it is time to say good night. Clean diaper is on, and Jammies zipped up, Then you ask me to fill your water cup. You give me a sad look, Then I say, "one more book..." Prayers are said and we hug, Oh how I love you, my ladybug. Sleepy girl, sleepy girl, you get some sleep, Fingers crossed to have no leaks!
iamthecatalyst picture
The simple joy of a full night's Sleep. To go all the night without a peep. No fussing, or crying, No awake there lying, thinking maybe she'll quiet back down. But knowing I'll be getting up with a frown. To not have to make the blurry eyed trip upstairs, to go and check on her underwears. To have a diaper that last's all the night, and made without chlorine which gives me a fright. Yes made safe for the earth and my daughter too, That would be a dream come true.
Ginga picture
"If I ran the world," said this mother so sleepless, "Then, tonight, and all nights, would be nights so peep-less No tossing or turning, no diapers to change. No stinky wet sheets to wash and arrange." "Why can't there be diapers that don't spring a leak? And aren't filled with chemicals, my interest is piqued. There are wonders of science so fine and so fair And flying fazooms that whizz through the air." "My baby most dear has been lacking his sleep. His mother, hardworking, lays counting her sheep. Please Seventh Generation, come rescue me! I'm so sick of waking to a babe covered in pee!" "My query is simple- a diaper most fair Made of soft, recycled fibers, not air. Just as gentle, yet tough as the others you make But for these, help them last a night, with me un-awake." "Oh wait! They exist! My prayers aren't for naught Here are the very diapers I sought! Seventh Generation now makes overnights and I am now free Now, forgive me, as I go dance with great glee!"
sioux08 picture
I love you my dear, but sleep you must This time you you will do so and not kick and fuss Your Daddy and I sure could use some rest We are quite exhausted so please try your best With a whole night of sleep we would jump we would cheer we would feel so much better than we have this whole year So now it's time to tuck you in nice and tight I hope we can all get some sleep tonight.
stephjogreen picture
It is 5 am and awake are my eyes here i lie waiting for cries to go to my daughter i am ready to change the wet dipe on a girl so groggy sleep she would if only she was dry sleep i would have if she didn't cry but wait i hear not even a peep I think I'll roll over and go back to sleep!
jkotuli picture
Due to Seventh Generation overnight diapers I’m happy to convey, That my toddler’s 12 hour sleep Does not end with pee all astray. It stays in her diaper And not on her sheet, Not on her pajamas Or even her feet. Since the pee does not wander I need not launder. We can save the world, With the Lorax, One diaper at a time. He’s an environmental friend Of both yours and of mine.
lkjk picture
Sleep without a peep you say! Sleep without a peep!~ Oh how I dream of a whole nights sleep without a peep! No leaky diapers to cause a fright! No cries out in the middle of the night! OH PLEASE! I REALLY NEED A PEEP FREE SLEEP!
RedHeadedMomma picture
Yes, I am the Mother who speaks for the boys, which you seem to be thinking don't make lots of noise. But I'm also in charge of the nightime routine, which plays such a role in the Mother's drinking wine. A night without a peep means the wine she can keep! In the refrigerator for company, of course. Now, thanks to your diapers which promise this wish, Mother can wake without a hangover to dish.
d4daly picture
A boy & a girl Have no reason to twirl For, at night They get wet & create such a sight. The boy, he will sleep all 12 hours. But his bladder, I'm afraid, does not have such powers. His p.j.'s & sheets - soaked 'cuz his diaper has failed And his self-esteem, I'm quite sure, has ailed. The girl has had her fair share of wet nights. I don't want it to be a habit. She fights. With Seventh Generation diapers so clear & free, I'm happy to show my kids how nice a dry night can be!
katers2714 picture
There were 2 little boys That had so many toys They wore themselves out And started to shout We will go to bed We want to rest our head But our bottoms they our sore Then mama said "look no more" I have a new diaper here It is free and clear Will last you all night Bedtime was no longer a fight!
eliot.metzger@gmail.com picture
Who has the time to rhyme, when your son is ready to play? Who has the time to rhyme, when he confuses night with day? I sure thought life was busy before, as I the lights, and softly shut the door... And wonder, just wonder, if he might... finally sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, preferably 12.
chileuvgod picture
Oh sleep, oh sleep, oh where can you be? It seems you've escaped me, by my tot under 3 Oh tot, my sweet tot Stay in your bed if you please Don't come into my bed and climb onto my knees Oh Mommy, Oh Mommy my bed is so bare your bed is much softer I want to play with your hair Someday you'll be big, tot you'll learn to stay put you'll sleep in your big boy bed and Mommy's eyes will finally shut!
Jwawal7 picture
Oh Wyatt my boy,  Oh Wyatt my dear, I'm coming terribly close to losing my mind I fear. You're so sweet in the daytime, So smiley and kind, But when the sunshine goes down, you're out of your mind. You eat and you fidget, You waggle and widget, You're my very own tiny ninja midget. I love you sweet boy, that's truer than true, But its time to sleep, Do it for me, if not you. 
srera picture
Did you ever have the feeling there's a dreamer in your screamer? That perhaps just maybe, there's a napper in your baby? Or a sleeper in your creeper? Well, that's the kind of house I live in and I hope I never leave it.
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