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Where Are Your Energy Dollars Sneaking Off To?

Author: KellyConklin

Every day, every night, all year long money is slipping away from you. It is sneaking out the window one dollar at a time through lost energy. Your heaters and air conditioners are begging you to do something as they work overtime to make up for all the warm and cool air that is not just escaping out the window, but hitting the window and getting colder or hotter depending on the season, creating a cycle that works against them, and you!

You know it's time to give your wallet, heaters, and air conditioners a break, but what is the best option? There are dozens of fixes, but let's concentrate on three popular solutions.

Insulating Cellular Shades

  • Great R-Value
  • Operable (in a variety of systems like cordless, motorized, top down/bottom up) so you can harvest solar gain
  • Great for other window issues like privacy, décor etc.
  • The streamlined system works in virtually every window
  • Available in light filtering fabric so when the shade is down the room still gets natural light
  • Made of polyester to stand up to window extremes
  • Easy to install


  • In order to get the great benefits customer needs to make sure shade is down when it's cold and up when it's warm.

Window Quilts

  • Great R-Value
  • Operable so you can harvest solar gain
  • Helps with other window issues like privacy


  • The quilt is bulky so it is not very versatile
  • There are no light filtering options so when the quilt is down it is dark
  • It is comprised partly of cotton so it degrades over time in the extremes of the window
  • The user needs to make sure quilt is down when it's cold and up when it's warm to get benefits

Replacement Windows

  • Great R-Value
  • The window is always there so you don't have to do anything to get the insulation


  • Lose the ability to harvest solar gain (when the sun is out it is great to let that heat in and give the thermostat a break!)
  • Does not help with other window issues (privacy, etc.)

So what are you doing to stop those pesky dollars from flying out of your windows? We'd love to know!


BethinOhio picture
Several friends have told me that they are getting good results from applying bubble wrap to the inside of their windows, which can apparently double the R-value of single paned windows. I plan to do that this weekend. Here is one of the many available links: http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Conservation/bubblewrap.htm
Eva Rubin picture
Eva Rubin
For my home, I save energy by keeping my house clean through Irvine Blind cleaners specialist. Heaters, air condition, and other high equivalent electricity will be plugged when needed. We must also use those windows in our home to brighten up our day and turn off the lights. These are just small things but you can see it will lessen your expense in electricity.
schlegel picture
Hey there - just a couple of comments on this topic - Windows can be related to comfort and energy loss but replacing windows is NOT at the top of the list for saving energy - they take decades to pay for themselves in energy savings. You can find ways to improve existing windows here: http://www.energysavers.gov/your_home/windows_doors_skylights/index.cfm/mytopic=13480 Your best bet is to get a home energy assessment, where they will do a review of your whole house and see where you are losing the most energy and where your money is best spent. Investing in sealing gaps and adding insulation can make your home MUCH more comfortable (winter and summer) and reduce your bills significantly. So don't put all your energy on the windows - check out the gaps around them to save energy and increase your comfort! Thanks for helping folks save energy!