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We Love Our Hand Wash and Hope You Do Too

Author: Seventh Generation

Have you had a chance to try our new handwash? It's quickly becoming one of our favorite products here in Vermont, where Seventh Generation is headquartered.

Our dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic formula uses natural, plant-derived cleaners and is free of triclosan, dyes, and synthetic fragrances.

We offer handwash in three scents -- Fresh Citrus, Lavender, and Free & Clear. Our scented products use only essential oils and botanical extracts. The rich, gentle lather is so amazingly refreshing, you'll look for excuses to wash your hands! Which can be a good thing, because health experts agree that washing your hands is one of the easiest things you can do to help ward off germs.

How often do you wash your hands?


NKBLJ picture
I must also agree with Marti123 need a refillable package in compostable packaging.
mschoi223 picture
I agree with Marti123. We try to cut down on waste and turn to products made by companies like 7th gen, yet when it comes to waste reducing practices, out options seem to be limited. I would love to see 7th gen products in refill/bulk sizes.
marti123 picture
It's a great product, mild enough even for shaving. Haven't been able to find the lavender version yet. But there's no reason people who choose eco-friendly products should have to dispose of (or recycle where available) lots of little plastic containers. Lack of retailer shelf space? Sell it online! I like this product very much, but won't continue to buy it one little container at a time. I'd like to use it at my business, but 7th Gen refuses to acknowledge those of us 7th Gen kids who've grown up to own eco-friendly businesses. No bulk packs / big sizes available! Not that hard!
Diana Fox picture
Diana Fox
I don't see this product on your Canadian site (and have never seen it in the stores). I am always looking for new products to profile on my website (www.ecoproductsthatwork.com). I set up this site to try to make it easier for people to make the better (greener) choices. Your products are great but many eco products are either not great or not very eco, which does not help the cause at all. The good news for us in Canada is that Seventh Generation actually manufactures here too, which makes freight costs (emissions lower) at least on the power products that are made here. So let me know about the handsoap: is it available to Canadians and where is it made? Thanks.