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An Unwavering Commitment to the Greater Good

Author: Seventh Generation

You may have recently read that we are harming animals and we want you to know that nothing could be further from the truth. For more than 25 years, Seventh Generation has been committed to animal rights and we’ve been working to build a future free of animal cruelty.

In that time, we’ve pioneered a new generation of consumer products made from non-toxic materials without conducting a single animal test. Indeed, our bedrock belief that animal testing has no place in a civilized world has earned our products Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certification and the admiration of all who care about animals.

Learn more about TSCA reform here



Mariah  picture
"Seventh Generation does not support unnecessary, repeated or senseless testing of toxic chemicals on animals," What would Seventh Generation consider necessary testing on animals?
Kris  picture
Any person with a high school diploma can read between the lines in this statement. We have been exclusively buying your products for years. Sadly, we were dooped by you.
StormyR picture
The following does not sound like someone opposed to animal testing. There is a lot of maneuverability in the following comments made by Seventh Generation. This, more than anything, causes me to doubt your sincerity: "Seventh Generation does not support unnecessary, repeated or senseless testing of toxic chemicals on animals".
Justine R picture
Justine R
This post does nothing to explain your position. Please respond to PETA and PCRM. How does more animal testing make us safer? Animal testing is terribly unreliable and cruel. How can a company "committed" to animal welfare take a position supporting outdated, cruel experiments on animals? Wouldn't it make more sense to throw your weight behind laws that promote advancing chemical testing using technology? Why pander to politicians? I loved your products and now my household will go without.
ASE picture
A statement declaring you want to support scientific studies of toxic chemicals, but are 100% against any animal testing would end the controversy.
Jessica  picture
What a shame that a company who has appeared to be so transparent in it's practices and policies would present it's customers with a post so vague and filled with rhetoric. Moving to reform an outdated law with outdated and as you so rightfully put it, uncivilized practices just doesn't make sense.
Nicson picture
I refuse to purchase Seventh Generation products until Seventh Generation publicly stops pushing for animal testing and advocates for TSCA reform language that requires the use of nonanimal test methods.
Hazel's mom picture
Hazel's mom
Please assure us that Seventh Generation opposes ALL animal testing! Your company is in a position to demand alternative methods to ensure human health and ecological balance! We consumers expect a Seventh Generation purchase to helps, not harm, animals. If for no other reason than to protect your brand -- PLEASE take a clear stand.
GIS Chimp picture
GIS Chimp
As some other commenters have noted, why not just come out and openly support language in the proposed legislation that eliminates animal testing in favor of better alternatives? PCRM, Peta, and other groups are bringing the ethics of your organization into question yet you do not openly answer their criticism; why not? I can tell you this - until I am sure that you are not in any way supporting language that will continue or even increase animal testing, my business will go to your competitors - even if I have to pay more. Please, bring this discussion into the light.
Michael Essi picture
Michael Essi
You will not get the opportunity to fool me again. If you condone the use of one animal, for even one test, you lose me as a consumer. I support companies that do not test on animals and make every effort to advocate for zero animal testing without falter. That is what this generation stands for! The next six generations will look back on animal testing as a very costly mistake on many levels.
Adelina picture
Along with previous commentators, I'd like your company to confirm that your company will not engage in animals testing on any of your products. I purchase your products frequently, and currently they are the only products in my household that I'd use, and I'd like to be able to know that the products that I use are not tested on animals. I appreciate this post, but it is still a little vague whether or not your company will engage in animals testing. Thank you.
Mary Gush picture
Mary Gush
I am more than shocked over the accusations from PETA & PCRM that your company is in favor of animal testing, even for "necessary" purposes. With ALL the technology, not just our country, but many, I just don't understand the continued need for ANY ANIMAL TESTING!! PLEASE, PLEASE lobby for absolutely NO animal testing,so I myself and countless of others can continue feeling good about your products.
Fran T picture
Fran T
Thank you for not testing on animals and for your work at the federal level to promote strong control of toxic chemicals that poison people, animals, and the environment.
Joey M picture
Joey M
"Seventh Generation does not support unnecessary, repeated or senseless testing of toxic chemicals on animals" Please explain to me where in this statement you say you are "against" animal testing. You say "our bedrock belief that animal testing has no place in a civilized world". Sorry 7th Gen, until you can stand on your bedrock beliefs I will no longer buy or recommend your products which I have done for many years. As I live in the Pacific Northwest I'm sure you would hate to see a boycott started out here by us hippies. Please stop with the conflicting messages and stand up against animal testing.
Angela Helwig picture
Angela Helwig
"Greater Good" is not meant to be a loop hole. If your concern is genuinely the protection of "all species" from toxic chemicals, then work to eliminate the chemicals, not prove/disprove their toxicity by agreeing that others should torture innocents and needlessly take their lives. Shame on you. Consider my money to be going elsewhere, indefinitely. I may only be one consumer, but my post will spread the word yet again, as it did to get the news to me; soon 'one' will become 'hundreds' and then perhaps 'thousands'. So sorry to learn you are not the company I thought that you were.
Yuval picture
Seventh Generation, as a family we currently purchase more than 90% of our cleaning and baby care products from you company, even though we pay a higher price than other popular brands because of our belief that you have more ethical practices including your stance against animal testing. We are highly disturbed that you are lobbying for changes to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) which would result in millions of animals used in testing. This is unacceptable if it is the truth, please clarify on your stance. If it is true that you are supporting for more animal testing, not only will we stop purchasing your products, we will go to social media and all major shopping sites to notify other customers of the truth. Perhaps you can convince other customers like myself that animal testing on household products is somehow needed, despite the fact that it has been proven again and again that it is not the case, but we will make sure that others are not unaware based on false assumptions. Thank you.
Paula Miller picture
Paula Miller
I love and believe in Seventh Generation and its products; however, "Seventh Generation does not support unnecessary, repeated or senseless testing of toxic chemicals on animals" sounds like you are equivocating. Cannot our laws on toxic chemicals be reformed WITH the inclusion provisions that eliminate all animal testing? Are you not able to say ALL animal testing is unnecessary and senseless?
Emily picture
All I read above is that you support animal testing as long as it doesn't happen over and over again. Science has proved that animal tests do not help show us anything they just torture animals. This is completely disappointing and I will be taking my money to other companies who *never* under *any* circumstances support the ALWAYS unnecessary torture of living, breathing animals who do not deserve to die any less than children do. Animal lives are not worth less than human lives and their are not ours to experiment on, this post shows this company believes that which is completely disappointing. I will be urging my local vegan mart to be pulling these products. What a shame, not for me, because there are many other vegan options, but for you as a company.
MikeH picture
"Seventh Generation does not support unnecessary, repeated or senseless testing of toxic chemicals on animals" This leaves the door wide open for animal testing. Is some animal testing sensible or necessary in your view?
Sendy Hernadez Orellana picture
Sendy Hernadez Orellana
How about NO ANIMAL TESTING?? As consumers we go out of our way to find products that are more eco friendly / cruelty free. Often ridiculed by stores and our own peers for looking or asking for these products and to find out about something like this from a "trusted" company is extremely disappointing. Needless to say I will no longer purchase your products
Saxonia picture
I have read so many conflicting reports about your stance on animal testing that I am not sure what I should believe. Is there more information on your website that outlines exactly what you are working towards in terms of animal testing?
Brian33 picture
This is very vague and sounds like "we oppose animal testing, but only after ever other human and environmental concern is satisfied." That doesn't cut it. If you want compassionate consumers' business you need put animals on equal footing with all other concerns. That means end all animal testing now, especially for silly products like laundry detergent and soaps. You aren't seeking a cure for cancer, and even then....
Craig Addie picture
Craig Addie
Please do not support legislation that will lead to more animal tests. I will not purchase any more of your products until you support TSCA reform language that requires the use of nonanimal test methods.
animals picture
I can not bekieve thia. I can't support seventh generation anymore. PCRM knows you guys are not telling the truth. I will buy method instead.
Dana123 picture
What a load of crap. I will never your junk again. PCRM and PETA tell the truth and you are money hungrey liars. We are not stupid.
J.Anne picture
I have to agree with the other comments. This note is "nice," but not very specific. As a long-time user of your products and animal advocate, I really would like to understand your stance on this issue. I, too, agree that unregulated chemicals are a serious problem, but I don't believe the solution should involve animal tests--not when so many alternatives are available. Thanks, in advance, for being honest and transparent about your advocacy efforts.
Juliaccc picture
Protecting animals IS part of protecting the planet. I believe 7th gen was accused of not supporting the PCRM-recommended reform to the 2013 TSCA bill, S. 1009, to require mandatory non-animal testing, where "reasonably and practically available". This reform still allows for animal testing where non-animal methods are not viable. So I am curious why you would not support this specific reform, since it's not even asking for zero animal testing. If you believe that this reform would open up unintended dangers to the environment, why not work with PCRM to add whatever other conditions you feel are necessary? I am amazed your legal team has come up with the above statement rather than an actionable one. You are basically saying that non-animal testing may harm humans but the PCRM reform is not zero animal testing, it's simply non-animal testing as a priority. It's in no way conflicting with your "policy" above. There are other similar products from companies with a stronger ethical view and while you may not lose a large portion of your customer base over this incident, your customer base is more apt to follow environmental news so I would still re-consider your current positioning and amend or clarify it. PS - get a better legal team. That is one horrible rebuttal to an accusation.
Betty Conway picture
Betty Conway
PETA has stated that you are supporting animal testing. Your own statements says "Seventh Generation does not support UNECESSARY,repeated, or senseless testing of toxic chemicals on animals". So the way this reads if you think its "necessary" you will test on animals??? How about NO TESTING ON ANIMALS? If your product causes me a rash, so what? No big deal. Until PETA indicates you are back to true Leaping Bunny standards my family will NOT buy your product at Whole Foods....sorry, but some things have to be STOPPED!
patricia123 picture
I have been a Seventh Generation customer for many, many years. I value protecting the environment, but value the humane treatment of animals even more. I was sorry to learn about your decision not to support the Toxic Substance Control Act, and in the future will purchase my cleaning and laundry products from another company who demonstrates more concern for the welfare of animals.
Dara Golden picture
Dara Golden
This is a quote lifted directly from the 7th gen blog:"..... Seventh Generation does not support unnecessary, repeated or senseless testing of toxic chemicals on animals,..." Note the careful language. It says it does not support, and I quote(caps are mine) 'UNNECESSARY, REPEATED OR SENSLESS TESTING". It does NOT say " 7th generation does not support animal testing." Clever use of words. One can then draw the logical conclusion that 7th Generation therefore, according to its own words, has no problem with necessary, new or sensible testing of toxic chemicals on animals. I rest my case.
AlexGazelle picture
Here is more information on what exactly Seventh Generation is supporting and how Seventh Generation says that it doesn’t support animal testing—and that it is a “cruelty-free” company and Leaping Bunny certified. That’s great! But you already knew that it doesn’t test its own products on animals. In contrast to its statement against animal testing, Seventh Generation’s lobbying activities, if successful, will lead to a huge increase in animal testing.
AlexG. picture
As a former customer, I was hoping this post would do more to clarify your stance on chemical reform. Unfortunately, this is a vague, PR-polished disappointment that does not address the core issue. It seems you are not able to explain why you refused to sign on to the Physicians Committee's letter in support of prioritizing alternatives to animal testing. You say you are aligned with their mission but that is nothing more than an attempt to bandage up your blemished image. This statement clearly explains how Seventh Generation is, in fact, advocating for policies that would result in millions more animal deaths in chemical testing: It's not too late to sign on to their letter and repair your relationship with those who care about animal welfare. I hope you will do so. Until then, I will not be purchasing your products.
Maria Town picture
Maria Town
Lots of doublespeak here. Shame. I won't say you lost my business since I never buy products with sls anyway.