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Seventh Generation Unveils 2012 Corporate Consciousness Report

Author: Seventh Generation

The newest edition of Seventh Generation’s Corporate Consciousness Report celebrates the company's 25th anniversary with a reader-friendly look at our recent achievements. You’re invited to review the milestones we’ve passed  on our 2020 Roadmap as we move toward an ambitious series of end-of-decade sustainability goals.

This year's report is organized around an employee-led realignment of our mission into four corporate aspirations: Nurturing Nature, Enhancing Health, Transforming Commerce, and Building Communities. Among the many highlights are the development of a 100% bio-based laundry detergent surfactant; the creation of the world's first mass market plant-based skin care system; certification of 74 products by the USDA's BioPreferred Program; introduction of a new diaper that's made with 10% less wood, energy, and water; and development of the world's only bar soap made from sustainably-sourced palm oil.

2012 also found us making notable strides in conservation. Key achievements range from a 16% reduction in virgin plastic use to a 13% decrease in normalized greenhouse gas emissions -- all despite a 9% increase in sales.

On the social front, Seventh Generation continues to aid the many communities of which we are a part. In addition to supporting the work of Women's Voices for the Earth, the Breast Cancer Fund, and Informed Green Solutions, an organization working to protect indoor environments, the Seventh Generation Foundation donated $275,000 to organizations working to make the world a better place. At the same time, our employee volunteer program  reached 100% participation for the first time as our employees assisted local schools, food shelves, homeless shelters, and conservation projects. We also worked with organizations like Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) and the American Cleaning Institute to bring sustainability and transparency to the consumer products industry and promote better regulation of toxic chemicals.

"In our 2012 report we've recommitted ourselves to making the world a better place, taking a hard look at the social and environmental issues we face as a company and developing goals to drive progress on these issues," said Manager of Mission Advocacy and Outreach, Ashley Orgain. "We've additionally infused these goals into our day-to-day activities tying four of our sustainability goals to our annual incentive program."

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