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Seventh Generation Helps "Spread the Warmth"

Author: Seventh Generation

Each year, some 20,000,000 premature and low-birth-weight babies are born, many of them in developing countries without access to innovations in neo-natal care. One of the biggest problems these babies face is hypothermia. Because they are unable to regulate their body temperature, they cannot stay warm -- room temperature feels freezing. Four million of these infants die within the first month of life. Those who do survive often develop lifelong problems, including heart disease, low IQ and early onset diabetes. 

"Spread The Warmth" is a social media campaign focused on ending this preventable tragedy by raising awareness and funds for Embrace, a sustainable social enterprise that is addressing the issue with a new, low-cost solution. A traditional infant incubator can cost as much as $20,000 in the Unites States. But at just around $200, an Embrace Infant Warmer costs less than 1 percent of that. The design looks like a miniature sleeping bag, but in reality it is a portable, easy-to-use, easy-to-sanitize solution for keeping  low birth weight babies' body temperature warm so they can survive and thrive in developing countries.

Seventh Generation is proud to support the efforts of  "Spread The Warmth." We'll be donating a gift basket of Seventh Generation products to a fundraising event and invite you to join our efforts. Click here to learn how you can help spread the warmth to millions of vulnerable infants.