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Scary Parenting Moments

Author: Seventh Generation VT

Catching up on email after the holiday break, I came across one -- My Very Scary Mommy Moment -- that stopped me in my tracks. Trying to focus again after reading it was hard, and after a few days of this story swirling through my head I had to reach out to its author to let them know how profoundly they had affected me. Luckily, the author -- Kristi Marsh -- not only gave me an update on her son (pictured above), she kindly allowed me to share her story with you.

As the editor of this blog, I spend every day thinking how to help families make small but important decisions -- little changes with big impacts -- and always try to take a positive look at what good things can come out of those decisions. I don't want to focus on scary moments, but sometimes they are the ones that impact me the most. I find that it's during these times that my preferences become convictions. What could have been just a feeling solidifies into a certainty, and my behavior from that moment forward changes.

It turns out Kristi also thinks a lot about the little changes we can all make, and now she has enough of them to fill a book! Little Changes is a memoir woven with current events, humor, and the small decisions we make that can have big impacts in our lives.

I'm looking forward to reading it.