New, Easy-Spray Household Cleaner Bottles on Shelves Soon | Seventh Generation
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New, Easy-Spray Household Cleaner Bottles on Shelves Soon

Author: Seventh Generation

What's better than Seventh Generation's hard-working, non toxic, biodegradable household cleaners? How about those same great household cleaning formulas in new, ergonomically friendly bottles made from 25% post consumer recycled resin (and transitioning to 96% in the first half of 2012)!

The 32 oz bottles also feature our high-performing, all-plastic spray head -- the same one we use on our Disinfecting cleaners. Designed to ease hand fatigue, the spray head is self priming and disperses in a very uniform, even pattern. A short squeeze is all it takes to activate the sprayer.

Also appearing on our new bottles are special "Lorax Approved" labels celebrating Seventh Generation's partnership with NBC Universal  in the cinematic debut of  Dr. Seuss' The LORAX, premiering in theatres worldwide on March 2 , 2012.  We're thrilled to be joining The LORAX in speaking for the trees. 

Look for our new package and the Lorax label on Seventh Generation All-Purpose, Glass and Surface, Tub and Tile, and Shower Cleaners.


susan  picture
I cannot get the top off the Seventh Generation spray cleaner bottle; it is supposed to be refillable but the top won't come off.
RyanL picture
I would really appreciate being able to open the bottles. If your mission is oriented toward protecting the environment then these bottles should be reusable. Unfortunately, I will not be buying your product again until I see this feature changed.
Nadag picture
I agree; I want to be able to reuse this bottle for other things. This seems totally counter to the Seventh Generation philosophy and I may switch to another brand. So there!
Kelli  picture
I had to search for information on how to open the spray. For some reason it won't spray. I purchased two bottles and even though the nozzle head is turned to spray instead of stop it still is not working! This is a waste of my time and money. How the hell are people suppose to use the product? I give it a big fat fail and will never purchase again.
mailinator picture
I am disappointed with the new design because it cannot be opened. Sometimes the sprayer gets clogged or doesn't reach the very bottom when there is still liquid inside. In these cases it would be nice to be able to screw open the bottle. Some people would like to reuse the bottles, as well, and this is no longer possible. I still have one of your older designs that you could open and wish you would go back.
BGGB picture
Are these bottles refillable? If not it kind of defeats the purpose of being environmentally friend. I might go back to other brands until 7th G. gets refillable spray bottles.
izmet picture
I agree with the idea of a concentrate that can be added to water and put in the spray bottles. It would be nice to be able to just reuse the same bottle over and over again.
douberlypm picture
I definitely agree that there is a need for refills. I would prefer not to have big bottles, but maybe a solid concentrate where we just pop it in and add water. This would cut down on plastic(maybe pack it in cardboard), and it would also cut down on shipping costs(less volume, less weight). Just some food for thought. I hate having to buy a whole new bottle just because I ran out of cleaning solution, it's such a good bottle, with a great design.
redlovestrees picture
I totally agree, larger bottles for refill. I do animal rescue and go thru a LOT of this....I use the disinfecting spray. .. This would be the right thing to do environmentally, less stuff in the landfills and then maybe I could get our rescue group to use this to for our sanctuary...just too expensive now at this size. Great product.
donkers1 picture
I would love it if you sold large 1 or 2 gallon bottles of the disinfecting spray to refill my spray bottles. I use this every night for cleaning toddler toys, tabletops and highchair trays and it goes fast!