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Letter from Laurie

Author: Seventh Generation

Hi Seventh Generation fans! I'm honored to have been asked to write a guest post for this blog. I have long been interested in how we can better care for ourselves and our Earth, though like most people I know, I'm not always sure how best to do that.

One thing I have tried to do is look for companies that I feel good about supporting, through buying their products, and who can also help educate me. Seventh Generation has been one of those companies for me and is one of my favorites. I have been aware of them since the mid-90's, not long after they first formed. I remember reading about their products in a catalog and thinking, "Wow, they make just the kinds of things that I want to buy." Fast forward to 20 years later when my daughter Lucy was 1 yr old and we moved to the apartment we are living in now. I went to our corner deli for the first time and I actually remember immediately noticing that they sold Seventh Generation products (I am NOT making this up! I am the sort of person who will go to 5 different markets or stores just to get the exact things that I want.) All I could think was, "Phew! I won't have to go far to buy diapers, wipes, or cleaning stuff." As a brand new mom, I felt so grateful.

Now here it is 2011 and I am delighted to be more involved with this great company than just buying their products. Working with Seventh Generation and writing, recording, and filming the song, "One Seed" was a true pleasure for me.

When I was asked to write a song about saving the Earth for future generations, I started with the chorus and the first verse. I surprised myself with what came out. I was simply trying to express the idea of passing on our knowledge of how to care for our world. I started by describing a grandfather teaching his son how to grow a garden, and then the son passing that on to his child. When I first wrote it, the idea was an abstract one for me, but soon it dawned on me that what I had written about in that first verse was actually true for my own life. My own father was an avid gardener and I've always felt as if I knew something about growing plants from watching him. (Even though I live in an apartment in Manhattan without so much as a fire escape!) Sadly, earlier this year my Dad passed away, and after that family members told me many more stories about his growing up. One of those stories was how my grandparents always started a garden no matter where they lived (they were from Germany and moved to the U.S. right after WWII when my father was very young). It became clear to me why my Dad had always seemed so comfortable growing flowers and being in his own garden. I must have been thinking about him as I wrote "One Seed".

This partnership, and this project in particular, is such a natural melding of many of the things I am passionate about, like sharing a song with meaning that I truly believe in. I hope you love it and the video as much as I loved creating them.