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Get Your Glow On! Introducing Seventh Generation Boosts™!

Author: Seventh Generation



There’s a certain, unmistakable glow about the women at Seventh Generation these days.

We’d like to think it’s due to the wonderful working atmosphere here, but truth is, they’ve been the first to sample our latest beauty breakthrough – Seventh Generation Boosts™!


Seventh Generation Boosts capture the best that nature has to offer in six concentrated facial serums – each designed to answer a special skin need. Our natural, skin-boosting serums are formulated with pure, botanical oils to deliver nourishment directly to the skin. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, Boosts are designed to “feed” your skin healthy, hydrating nutrients without clogging pores.


Seventh Generation designer Sara says her skin, “has never looked this good.” And even resident skeptic Shelly is a convert, “Who knew the right oil-based serum would end my lifelong battle with oily skin?”


Research chemist and natural skin care expert, Heather Beach, talks about how the team developed Boosts, “Oils are such a wonderful way to nourish the skin naturally, but people don’t like the way their skin looks when oil is applied, so we created the carrier oil system. This is a blend of apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil that makes for a pleasant experience; fast absorbing and non-greasy, with a powdery feel.”


Skin care experts like Heather realize that oil-based facial serums like Boosts can benefit you in many ways. They deliver a concentrated cocktail of natural ingredients shown to have powerful effects on your skin. Even those with oily skin can benefit from Seventh Generation Boosts.


As Heather explains, “Oil does not equal breakouts.  In fact, using oil on your skin can make your skin less oily.  A routine of washing your face often and then replenishing the skin with a lotion over and over can strip your skin of essential moisture. When the skin has the oil it needs, it’s less likely to produce additional oil.  An oil-based serum can moisturize your skin without upsetting its important moisture balance.  And this is important: every Boost is clinically proven to not clog your pores.


“Women who use oil on their skin often report drastically softer texture, less oily skin, and brighter, more radiant looking skin. Many women swear they will never go back to lotion once they use oils on their skin!”


While serums are the new beauty “must haves,” many of them come with “can’t afford” prices. The great news about Seventh Generation Boosts, aside from their skin-enhancing benefits, is their price. The premium, concentrated 100% botanical formulas will carry a price tag of $14.99, making them a very affordable way for every woman to enjoy a beautifully radiant complexion and noticeably softer skin.


Seventh Generation Boosts are available now, exclusively in Walgreen’s, in 6 different varieties, each designed to address a specific skin care need:  Oily & Acne-prone Skin; Smooth Fine Lines and Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles; Dryness; Firmness & Elasticity; Aggravated & Stressed Skin; Environmental Damage. Visit the Seventh Generation Boosts website to find out more and take our online quiz to discover which Boost is perfect for your skin care needs.



Karin @ 7Gen picture
Karin @ 7Gen
LuzBarry, Thanks for asking! Our Boosts are sold exclusively at Walgreens stores, or at or You can learn more about the products through this link: and find a store near you here: We hope this helps!
LuzBarry picture
I am a very strong supporter of natural skin care products. Would love to try it. Can you give me more details as to where could i buy it from ? facial products
kathryndale picture
would love to try these and can't find these products at walgreen's as advertised.
TM46 picture
Hi, My daughter introduced me to your non chlorine bleach. Where do we buy the rest of your products. I buy the bleach at my local military commissary, but I don't see a lot of your products, but will look for more now that I know you make a lot of them. Thanks, TM