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Greening Your Cleaning Crew

Author: RealMomofNJ

I have a confession. I have a weekly cleaning crew clean my house. I have another confession. They're not green.


Green cleaning companies are relatively common in my area, but they're way more expensive than regular ones. I really needed a cleaning crew's help around my house—it was impossible to keep up with work, husband, kids, cooking, and chores as well as regular cleaning—but I knew it wouldn't be helpful if they used harsh chemicals and rolls and rolls of paper towels. I'd be uncomfortable with a crew like that, but I couldn't afford a specifically eco-friendly service.


So, I made my own green-cleaning team. I found a nice, local company that was willing to work with me on how I wanted my home cleaned. While they were not a green company and already had their preferred products and cleaning methods, they were more than happy to accommodate my requests to clean my home in a more environmentally conscious way. It was very easy to work together to meet my needs while not completely changing the way the crew normally did things. It was a win-win.


How did I green my cleaning company, you ask? In 3 easy ways:

  • I asked them not to use bleach, or bleach-based or scented cleansers
  • I now supply them with white vinegar for cleaning the non-carpeted floors, and Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner for everything else
  • I leave them rags and sponges so they don't need paper towels (they leave the dirties in a bucket and I wash them for use the following week)


And that's it! I took an affordable, traditional cleaning service and tweaked it so it cleaned to my greener specifications.


The moral of the story is that just because a company doesn't bill itself as environmentally conscious doesn't mean you can't make a few adjustments to green it up for your home. All you have to do is ask!


Jessica  picture
Green products are the new era of cleaning. WE all should get used to those products and forget about all the toxic content in the commercial ones. If we desire to be healthy, this tip is essential!!!
maryfromaustin picture
Only use non-toxic products. Our crews were used to Tilex, Windex, Pinesol, etc. They thought these were the reason why things got cleaned. They couldn't understand why they got headaches and upset stomachs after each job. After experiencing the same thing personally, we all decided to switch to non-toxic 100%. We love the concentrated all-purpose cleaner since we use it daily (economical). Other products are used as well but all are eco-friendly. The houses still smell clean even though we don't use the infamous Pinesol or other chemicals for floors.
emiliebabicz picture
Patricia - have you tried online shopping at all? I've gotten my Seventh Generation products from and regularly use My schedule is pretty busy between work, chores, gym, and social engagements that I find it super easy to just have it delivered to my apartment. Plus both have free shipping requirements that are pretty easy to meet. OfficeMax Environmentally Preferred products Cleaning Products
patricia jessop picture
patricia jessop
I still have some difficulty consistenty finding Seventh Generation products inthe Washinton county Pennsylvania area. Can you help?
Jeaniney25 picture
I think it's GREAT that you're being HONEST--there's something to be said for honesty in today's world so THANK YOU ... If we're talking confessions n green cleaning...I actually transformed my 8 year old cleaning business into a GREEN CLEANing business 3 years ago! It was a great way to get new clients n to get on the new green clean environmental bandwagon so to speak ... HOWEVER, I also post on my website n flyers in the fine print, there r just SOME JOBS THAT REQUIRE some real hard grease fighting cleaners n we USE them IF/WHEN NECESSARY, RIGHT!! When the business went thru the green process, we did alot of research then n we found that some things really do need more than elbow grease (&i got LOTS of elbow trust me strong arm) but in most our research we found that if u DO CHOSE TO USE a "chemical" product; the BEST WAY is to stick to ONE (1) SPECIFIC SOLUTION... So a bunch of green cleaners GREAT, then ie one bottle of Lysol for the tough stuff!! Usually it's a matter of what type of sponge or scrub brush you're using & changing that can do the trick!! I also us "biodegradable where I cannot use purely Greene solutions as well; chemical is LAST CHOICE but it's still an option! I beleieve I'm cutting myself off from a market if I do that. ALSO, I DIDNT RAISE MY PRICES PERSAY, but it does require MORE work hours so yeah, it gets a bit more money but Not unaffordable?.?.(.too bad you're in US) GOOD LUCK n I'm in the process now of struggling to get a cleaning basket from "Seventh Gen" myself !!!
Arlene Placer picture
Arlene Placer
I have a crew come in once a month to clean my house. They have a bucket with old towels, sponges and Seventh Gen cleaners. Years before you would come in the house and you could smell the "clean". Now you come in and there is no "smell", only clean.