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Baby Your Baby's Skin When the Sun Shines

Author: Seventh Generation

Chances are, you're aware that babies are more susceptible to sun damage than adults are. But do you know why


Regardless of age, just about everyone produces a pigment called melanin that protects their skin against DNA damage from ultraviolet rays. Since babies make less melanin than adults do, their skin cells can be damaged after less time in the sun. Aside from the misery caused by a sunburn, damage done by ultraviolet rays to a person's skin cells in infancy or childhood is a major risk factor for several cancers, including melanoma.


The good news is that more and more parents are aware of the need to protect babies (and everyone in the family) from damaging UVA and UVB rays with clothing or broad spectrum sunscreen.  And because chemicals can seep into baby's skin more easily than they can into an adult's, many pediatricians recommend the use of a physical sunscreen – like Seventh Generation's top-rated Baby Sunscreen.

The gentle, SPF 30 formula spreads easily and features non-absorbing mineral sun filters that stay on the skin's surface to defend against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Lightly scented with essential oils and botanical extracts of chamomile and lavender, the water-resistant, formula contains no chemical sunscreens, parabens, or gluten. It's safe for both face and body, and great sunscreen choice for the whole family.

Just remember that The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that for children under six months, caregivers use a non-chemical sunscreen (like ours) only on small areas of skin if adequate clothing and shade are not available.

How do you have fun in the sun with your family?  Post your answers here. We'll draw 5 posts at random to receive a free tube of our Baby Sunscreen.




thumper2471 picture
The more I learn, the more I am concerned about what we are exposed to... in the air, water, our food. Yikes! I am happy to know that while trying to protect ourselves from getting skin cancer, we are also not harming ourselves from chemicals in order to do so. Here we go... off to pick strawberries! Thank you!
ellebean14 picture
My dog loves to play catch, and fortunately for me my 5 month old daughter just loves to watch her! I put her in a bjorn and we go to the park every day so we can all play. She doesn't get the best view with a sun hat, so I slather sunscreen on her little chrome dome. Mommy bonus: since baby is hands free in the carrier and I only need one hand to throw the ball, I bring my kindle and actually get to read a bit! Dog happy, baby happy, mommy happy!
whitmansm picture
Now that my girls are almost 2 and almost 4, we can spend lots of time outside without me being in baby mode. We bought them a small swing set this summer and just broke out the baby pool and the water table. They love running around in our shady back yard in their swimsuits.
foltsjr315 picture
Although I do not have it as bad as those that previously commented. I too am allergic to lavender. I get a rash on my skin and an irritated throat. Plus I just dislike the smell and I am very sensitive to smells
jio0524 picture
I've become pretty big on insisting that everyone who comes over to swim in our pool smothers themselves with sunblock well before actual exposure to the sun. Then we all jump in - kids, adults, and dog! Good to know that there is a sunblock doing double duty - keeping us safe from the sun and chemicals :)
Remybe picture
Beach beach beach. We love going to the beach!!!
mergner picture
We spend all of sun time in our back yard, either working as a family in our urban veggie garden, or swinging from the tire swing that hangs from the treehouse my husband built our three boys. We all pitch in on the watering too from our five rain barrels. Fun is family at our place and you'll find all five of us smiling under our sun hats too :-)
ab82 picture
We go the park for walks!
idunno picture
My daughter has ezcema on her face and conventional baby sunscreens seem to make it flair up. I must try your sunscreen. I didn't know you made it but I am glad you do. I know I can trust your products. :o) I hope I can find it in a store around here.
prnlpn picture
We love to spend sunny days at the Zoo with our 10 month old who wears a hat and I was so thrilled to hear 7th generation has a baby sun screen and I am very anxious to try it.
Ian's_mommy picture
We just had a great time outside at the Memorial Day parade! He also loves to run around outside and play in the sandbox.
ERIKAANN picture
We like to go to the park, lake, beach, or backyard! We always put sunscreen on 1/2 hr before going out though.
pezmamajp picture
We like to take our 3 year old to the beach to play in the sand. Living in the pacific NW, we like to absorb our vitamin D, but sunscreen is an important part of our day!!
jessica_d_84 picture
Our 10 month old son LOVES to be outside and would stay there all day if we let him! We go to the park, play in the yard, and go on walks. Any time he is upset, I tell him, let's go outside! It's sure to turn his frown into a smile. :)
kellyseitz picture
We drive about an hour away and go to the local amusement park where tickets for rides are .25 and the kids can ride all day for a small amount of money!! It has a small pool to cool off in and playground equipment to play on. I always make sure my 5 and 3 year olds have their sunscreen on to stay protected (especially on those windy days when you can't feel the heat of the sun).
linder_1998 picture
We like to go biking with our 4.5 yo daughter when it's nice outside. She knows by now that sunny days = sunscreen. We're looking forward to trying this new Baby Sunscreen. Thanks!
dwilder picture
I'm an adult who is incredibly prone to skin cancer. I am so excited to try this sunblock out and there are no icky chemicals!!! (very important when choosing sunblock)
opure picture
Our son is 16 months and we've been bringing him to the beach every week since he was born. We have tents and umbrellas to hang out under when it's time to chill, but he loves the sand and water the most. He can play for hours so we are stocked up on sun clothes, even a wet suit and one with a built in life vest! You'd think he could swim the way he attacks the waves - haha! Beach time is family time and we all love it.
eja134 picture
The hot Indiana sun can be intense. Skin cancer is a big concern of ours as my son and I are both very fair skinned--and of course he refuses to wear hats or sunglasses. I too like the physical sunscreens vs the chemical ones, however application can be tedious. I look forward to trying Seventh Gen's product when it becomes available. We'll definitely enjoy it and take advantage of it's water resistance as we play in our pool!
udang picture
Our 3 & 6 year olds just got tennis raquets this year and are super excited about this new sport. Since it's not so shady at the courts, we go closer to the evening time when the sun is not so intense and enjoy a fun time in the courts. My 3 year old plays tennis with a hockey hold and my 6 year old plays it like baseball. Maybe a little sunblock will make them feel more like McEnrow.
jsanborn picture
We spend so much time outside and I'm always concerned with chemicals in the sunscreen that I slather all over my 1 year old. I'm really looking forward to trying this alternative!
gwenlisa picture
We live in Southern California, where the sunshine can be relentless. I walk everywhere with my 10-month old baby--to the farmers market, the library, the beach--and am fanatical about sun protection. I only use physical sunblocks, which can be very difficult to rub in when you're dealing with a squirmy infant. So I'm looking forward to trying the Seventh Generation formula that "spreads easily." Thanks!
Practical Shopper picture
Practical Shopper
Our family of five enjoys all kinds of outdoor and sun-filled activities! Right now it's softball, tee-ball and chasing after our two-year-old, who is all boy and could live outside 24 hours a day. Tomorrow we're spending the day with friends at their homemade backyard water park. We wear sunscreen every day- I look forward to trying Seventh Gen.!
jmsgirl picture
We love going for walks outdoors and enjoying the beautiful nature in SE Ohio. Our 9-month-old loves spotting animals!
cskitty22222 picture
Looking forward to the opening of our farmers markets so we can walk or bike down! Also we play in a softball league- our team may have the worst record, but we have the most fun ;)
jkseawell picture
Our three boys 4 and under, love being outside: riding bikes, eating produce from the garden, playing in mud, or building stick forts! Although we are not big on daily sunscreen bc we effort to build their skin up slowly and they need their viamin d, we are careful to use sunscreen in direct sun exposure situations. We've tried a bunch of natural sunscreens and some are hard to spread, some are too greasy, some stink, and some leave residue. We are eager to try 7th Generation's out as we love ALL of our 7th Gen products!!!
yuliya popova picture
yuliya popova
My 1 year old son loves to be outside. Fresh air & sun good for his health & keep him happy. Of course sunscreen is a must. 8 in the morning we out of the house to spend a day in the park! So happy that summer is finally here!
Jennjetaime picture
We love to go out and play in the sun with our little bundle of sunshine. As long as he's all covered up. I've been using natural physical sunscreens on him but haven't found the right one. I'd really LOVe to try yours and spread the word to all the other mamas. It'd be so great to finally have one we love. I use ALL 7th gen products, so excited about this one!
aabbotta picture
My girls and I LOVE water, whether it be their little wading pool, sprinkler, hose or beach we love to splash! We all wear hats for protection and I am thrilled to find your baby sunscreen. Can't wait to try it!
CJ Folz picture
CJ Folz
We just love to be outdoors. We try to go out later in the day to avoid the midday sun. We have 2 big trees in our backyard that we can play under. We have a kiddie "gator" that the kids like to drive around. I can't wait to try your new sunscreen. I wonder when it will be readily available in the stores. Searching for a good sunscreen that doesn't cost a lot is quite the challenge.
Libellule77 picture
My 8 month old daughter loves visiting our local farmers market with mommy, daddy and her grandparents. She wears her little hat and sunglasses and of course sunscreen on her skin, and we walk around and shop with her in her baby carrier. She smiles her beaming, gummy smile at everyone she meets! We have an infant pool float for her to use once the pool is uncovered and ready to go. She was born in late September so summer will truly be a whole new experience for her! :)
tetricus picture
Our seven month old loves her kiddie pool. We are very concerned about her exposure to the sun, but also what we're exposing her to with sunblocks. This is a welcomed product.
kbmert picture
I was wanting to find out where to buy this product. I've been wanting a sunscreen like this. However, I can't find a link on your site for a list of retailers that may carry this product.
organicbabydolls picture
We love to stroll the local Farmer's Markets and pick out fresh veggies and fruit in the sunshine :)
5grands picture
I use several product from 7th G because it is what it says(free and clear)....fragrance free. I have chemical and fragrance intolerance and that includes real lavender. When my lilacs and roses are in bloom I go out only when I have to and straight to the car. This conditioning is life threatening as I literally get sinus infection or bronchial infection. Lavender is one of the worse for me to be around. SO PLEASE MAKE A FRAGRANCE FREE for when I can go out or to a park!!!!
sewingmom3 picture
Those of us with hay fever cannot use plane scented products. Hope this will be available FF.
Stephanie Fuller picture
Stephanie Fuller
My daughter loves to play with her sand/water table daily. We make sure to keep her in the shade and use a UV protective body suit, hat and sunglasses. We cannot wait to try this sunscreen!
dewey_decimal picture
Just because a fragrance is natural, doesn't mean it's non-allergenic. I know a couple of people who are allergic to lavender. And plenty of others who think it doesn't smell nice. Because I have eczema and it is irritated by fragrance (even some "essential oils"), I always prefer fragrance-free products. Why do babies need to be perfumed?
janellechng picture
We love to go out and pick fruit in the summertime! Spending time in the garden and backyard is always a hit too.
jennifer jung picture
jennifer jung
We love to collect sea shells in Charleston, SC!
sanrose picture
Our 2 year old daughter is great about wearing her "shades" and "beach hat" when we are outside at the pool or walking the dog. Her pool float even has an adjustable shade over it that blocks out sun. I have been using a natural baby sunblock, but I'm glad that Seventh Generation has an option for us too!
Anni picture
I love that this is scented with essential oils! We like to take the dogs to the dog park and play. Fun for all!
lkjk picture
We try to keep all the toys in the shade and keep his sun hat on. I'm very excited to see that Seventh Gen has sunblock. We will be trying that too!
vanessa608 picture
We have a sun hat that's UV protective that our daughter wears outside. She's 7 months and we can also still get her to wear her sunglasses that make her look like a "baby diva"! Now that she's old enough for sunblock, that's going on too.