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Baby Tender Bottoms with New Thicker & Softer Free & Clear Baby Wipes

Author: Seventh Generation

If you've ever dealt with one of those "uh-oh" messes, you'll know why parents everywhere are loving our new and improved Free & Clear Baby Wipes. Larger, softer and more moist than our old wipes, our new Free & Clear Baby Wipes combine gentle, cloth-like performance with the thickness you need to wipe away little (and big) messes.


The great news is that in the process of developing a better product, we also made one that was better for the environment than its predecessor.  Here's why:  Our old wipes were made from 65% viscose, a polymerized plastic, and 35% PET. We reduced plastic use in our new wipes by 70% through the use of plant materials. The new, larger size also helps reduce waste as a lot of moms tell us that one wipe now does the work of two or three. Making the change from the previous material also allowed Seventh Generation to meet its entire yearly goal of cutting virgin plastic use by 80% in 2014.


Our new packaging has its own eco-story to tell. The plastic tub seemed like a great idea when we first started offering it. Like many manufacturers, over the years we faced the challenge of making the tub tight enough to prevent the wipes from drying out. Even putting a plastic wrap around the plastic tub didn’t solve the problem so we decided that new technology was required.


Lifecycle analysis showed us that a 47% reduction in global warming potential was possible with a refill-style pack as opposed to a plastic tub. This offered us the opportunity to improve our environmental footprint significantly. We knew, though, that our consumers prefer snap closures over tape seals. As a result we developed a refill-style pack with a plastic closure system for our package of 64 wipes. You'll find it keeps the baby wipes at the proper moisture level to make your job much easier. Of course, if you preferred the tape seal system, that refill pack is still available to you with our larger size packages of 128 and 256 wipes.


As always, our baby wipes are free of alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens and phthalates. Keep a spare pack handy for clean-up on the go. You’ll love the way the generously sized wipes handle meal-time spills, grubby hands, muddy feet and everything in-between!


Let us know what you love most about our new Free & Clear Baby Wipes.


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angelanweaver picture
I placed a reorder on amazon for a case and was surprised by a delivery of the "new and improved" wipes. I'm not sure what type of mothers did your focus group but the new wipes are awful! They are horribly scratchy and so moist that you practically have to wring them out before using them. My family will definitely be switching to a different brand. Oh and can you please find a way for your overnight diapers to look a bit different that the regulars. We put them in a caddy on the changing table but had to come up with a system to separate them because they look the same side by side.
aptush picture
These wipes are NOT great and in our opinion not improved. If you read elsewhere on this site, you'll see many negative reviews. These wipes may be thicker, but they are scratchier and not as tender. The moisture level also leaves something to be desired. I applaud SG for bringing down the plastics use, but in a trade off they have used chlorine in the processing (I spoke with a customer service agent about this). So, unfortunately these wipes are no longer Chlorine free. It is a real disappointment and I miss the old wipes already. We'll now be looking elsewhere for our baby wipes...even though we are avid SG users.
kitkat98390 picture
I use these for cleaning my face while traveling, and if traveling sometimes I need them for my precious bottom also. Any time someone has to do the colonscopy I suggest to them to purchase these baby wipes for they are a life saver...
skellenbeck picture
I'm very happy with the new wipes. I'd been wishing for a more sturdy wipe, and here it is! Thank you!!
joynwillis picture
i love the new wipes -- noticed the difference right away! these are much grippy-er than the previous ones and do a much better clean-up job. thanks for reworking these.